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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mail art headed out the door and ready to confuse the mail lady! These are puffy postcards with 1950s ladies. They are squishy 3-d postcards with the stamps hand stitched on so they won't come loose.

This is a baby quilt I made for my friend Anii in Japan- I didn't know the baby's sex, so it is a neutral green and brown. And very fuzzy. It left a thin sheen of brown fur all over my couch. This just blends in with the red fur already there from Fonzie.

This is Deacon with our favorite band the Kingbucks! We got to see them again at Lee Harvey's this past weekend and they all remembered and hugged us. They really loved the gig they played for Deacon and said they talk about it as one of their favorite shows!! They are really great guys and we are always looking for fellow dancers to go to show with! Hint hint!!!

Deacon looking dapper at the Lakewood Tour of Homes this past weekend. This is a tour of cute houses in our area and it is a reminder of how awesome my house will never look. Thanks Barbie and Robert for the free tix- we have to go together next time. The girls will OOOH and Ahh and the boys can be bored out of their skulls together!

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