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Monday, October 20, 2008


It was so nice to get to see Jackie and Kerry up here in Dallas last weekend. Since I am doing this thesis thing, I see no one. ever. except the dog and Deacon.

Oh- and now we have a mouse. He snuck into the apartment yesterday. Deacon called me from home and I was told in no uncertain terms to drop whatever I was doing and get the heck home because there was a mouse the size of Detroit in the bathroom.
We would have caught him if it weren't for Deacon and Fonzie both being HUGE mouse weenies. Seriously. The thing was about 5 ounces and those two boys were both standing on chairs, holding their skirts up and yelling "EEEK!"

We tried to catch him but he was very fast and sneaky. That's w
hy we named him Teeny Houdini. We attempted to catch him about seven times (each time pulling out one large appliance after another and putting it up on blocks.) At one point we managed to corner the mouse behind the fridge. Here we set up an intricate labyrinth of hard-back books to corral him with. I had a salad bowl out and ready to slam over the rodent when the mouse apparently grew giant fangs and shot lazers out if its eyes. Nothing else could have scared Deacon that much because he began screaming like rabid weasel. And because Fonzie is equally afraid of tiny tiny mice, he had to add his own chorus of freak-out barks. I am still a little deaf in one ear. Surprisingly, Deacon's soprano-pitched screams were so loud that they scared the mouse into catapulting over our ingenious book-trap and running into another room with equally large and heavy furniture. Below is a picture of the mouse in reality.

Next is the mouse in Deacon's head:

It is safe to say that there will be no rodent wrangling in either Deacon or Fonzie's futures.

We left a trail of cheese out the door last night, hopefully Teeny Houdini is singing, "On the Road Again...squeak squeak squeak squeak Road Again..."



CBM said...

we had a mouse one time. couldn't catch it and had no trap. too late at night to buy one, so we just went to bed hoping it wouldn't tear up the house. next morning it was dead in our kitchen trash can. bizarre. guess he ate himself to death on our discarded dinner.

so when you gonna come out and play? i am sinking. could use some tea and conversation with a "grown-up." you in?

Jen said...

Yes! It is Nov. 18th? and I just got this message. Call me!