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Friday, June 12, 2009

Shalom, Y'all

Hello from the Sea of Galilee!! Preparing to go out on a boat, y'all~ Shalom and stuff!!


jaykay said...

When you come home, will you be able to kvitch? Is that what it's called? Check out the pronunciation for me. And, find out about these cute little bronze coffee cups I bought on ebay. They have etchings on them and long, long handles. Dave (of course) says they are Arabic, used to make coffee by the cup by heating, twice, to boiling over hot sand. Only Dave... Have a wonderful time, Sweetie. Love, J

Jen said...

Yes, I have made coffee that way- in Athens. Luckily, I had a hotel lady there to teach me how to do it. Otherwise, I would have been putting a spoonful of sand into cold water and drinking it. Yum!