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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Burlesque Fest!

My cousin and I were lucky enough to catch Dita Von Teese and Friends performing last week at the House of Blues here in Dallas. The show was a Vaudeville smash hit, a parade of dazzling performers in glitter, lace, feathers, fans and balloons. It was a show I'll never forget- if you ever have the chance to see Strip Strip Hooray yourself, do it. These were dancers and comedians who were once only seen in Paris at the Crazy Horse. Imagine the film Moulin Rouge in vibrant 3D- dancing girls, dancing boys, the air full of confetti and was beyond compare. Dita herself performed four times, the Swarovski Crystal Martini Glass, a bull ride the likes of which Texas has never seen, the Carousel Horse and the Opium Den. Along with her were Murray Hill as MC, Dirty Martini, MediaNoche, Monsieur Romeo, Lena from Russia and Selene Luna- each a unique take on the old Burlesque model. There were tassels twirling, feathers fanning, balloons popping and opium pipes smoking. We had the most incredible night.

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