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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hey! I'm selling half of my personal book collection. Here is the link to my store. Free shipping to anyone I've lived, worked or taken a class with. So far, I've sold two books, enough to buy a half of a banana. HELP!

Collection includes:
Art History texts
Biographies of irrelevant authors
Biographies of midget painters from France
A huge selection of Idiot's Guides (those aren't mine, I swear.)
Travel guides (never used, delusions of grandeur.)
Golf instruction (also not for me- as is apparent in my golf game.)
Brain cancer instructional/emotional texts (no longer needed!! YAY!)
Philosophy (Good luck with these. They are good for coasters though.)
Computer how-to

And no, these aren't books any of you have given me as gifts. I keep those.

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