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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So many blogs today seem to be furnishing "writers" with a platform to photograph and display their mental tchotchkes. All of the hand-painted clogs and crocheted dog sweaters in the world do not a blog make. Just because you an knit, doesn't mean you should. Step away from the Bedazzler people! (This is not to say that these hobbies are not useful. I myself knit, it keeps my hands busy so I don't pick my nose in public.) I just wish for more substance. Self-help pages sound like greeting cards. And I'd rather eat my own hand than read TMZ one more time. (But I always eventually sneak a peek. I'm a mystery.) Then I look back at this post and count seven times that I use the word "I." (Now nine.) If you have any great blog sites that are more than just fluff, tell me. Right now, my two favorites are and Non-pretentious, funny and pictures of dogs. Now that is substance.

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