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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Breakness

For spring break this year, my friend Jenna and I took a road trip to Lawrence, Kansas, to visit our long-lost friend Becky. After stocking up on road snacks (Jenna brought healthy popcorn and bottled water, I packed the more satisfying and road-trippy chocolate-covered espresso beans and Swedish fish…), tunes (Lady Gaga and Ben Folds), and pants with elastic waist bands, we were off. In Lawrence, Becky introduced us to the greatness of small town shopping. We hit the Jen mother-lode: fabric, yarn, used bookstores with bookstore cats, cheap vintage clothing, wacky chicken feet jewelry, beer and tea. For dinner we foundered on a type of Kansas City barbecue called “burnt ends” (yes, they could come up with a better name for the stuff, but then everyone would want to eat it and yucky titles mean more for me.) Also with cheesy corn bake and God’s potatoes, we rolled ourselves home to watch my favorite Firefly captain star in TV’s Castle. The weekend was comprised of food, food, and more food. Couple that much food with great company and beautiful weather and you get a super-sweet spring break. Thank you Becky, Annette, and the rest of the Rolph family for such an amazing vacation. Sock Chalk Jay Walk! Following are some arty photos I took while shopping in the charming town of Lawrence.

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