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Monday, April 13, 2009

Liberal Arts Degrees

A night of talking about stuff. And beer.

Went to a small get-together this weekend and met several extremely over-educated people whose conversations ranged from listing their post-graduate degrees on both hands to waxing poetic about their esoteric tattoos. One chap was finishing his second master's degree, this time in Irish Literature. Deacon was completely confounded. I was intrigued. Finally! Someone with a more useless degree track than me!! And we both shared the same pet peeve: that irritating sentence that inevitably comes out of peoples' mouths when you tell them "I'm getting a Ph.D. in [insert exotic liberal arts degree here]"... that dreaded response "what are you gonna do with that? Teach?"


Why don't people just respond with "Wow! Here is a large bag of money, also known as a six-figure book advance."

1 comment:

Deacon said...

Will a degree in Irish literature get me chicks?