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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Belmont Hotel, Dallas

So I know I should be writing about the amazing experience that is Israel, but for now, tacos in Oak Cliff will have to suffice. I met my friends Crystal and Scott as well as Deacon at this great art deco hotel called the Belmont. It is a historic spot in Oak Cliff that looks out onto the sunset over the Downtown Dallas skyline. The veranda is full of deep, mushy couches with velvet pillows and Moroccan leather cushions and the air is cooled by light spritzy misters.

We shared a few rounds of Guinness and hummus and talked about our pretty waitress. She had stitchy tattoos that made her look like Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

After drinks, I did something that would make my Dallas-raised parents’ and grandparents’ heads explode- I bought tacos at a stand with a tin roof. In the middle of Oak Cliff. At NIGHT. And ATE them sitting in a VACANT LOT. And they were the tastiest tacos ever. They also sold us Mexican orange soda in bottles and some concoction that entailed mixing corn, sour cream and cheese in a Styrofoam cup. I think it was called “Those White People Eat Anything.” But it was all yummy and worth a second visit. Then I drove home alone through the old parts of Oak Cliff listening to Elton John, “Stuck in the Middle With You”, and a new band called the Weepies.

If Blue whales listened to music on headphones, it would be the Weepies. They were smooth groovin’, lightly optimistic tunes that a whale would like to just swim around, nodding and boppin’ to in the deep, deep ocean.

Anyway, anyone who wants a swanky place to sit back and relax, I'm in to take you to the Belmont.

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