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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dallas Music

So Sunday night, after a Saturday of MRIs, vertigo, and general panic, Deacon and his sister, brother-in-love, and I went out drinking. Deacon had woken up with vertigo and nystagmus, a condition that freaked me the bleep out, but went away soon after. His oncologist gave him the all clear, and we decided to have some fun tonight to celebrate. So, we went to Adair's Saloon, one of our favorite Dallas bars. It is a tiny semi-hole-in-the-wall place where one of our new discoveries, The King Bucks, were playing. I highly recommend them to you if you are a fan of Buck Owens or old honky tonk tunes. Two pitchers of watery beer later, we are being treated to an Epicurean concoction- Haute-Cuisine Grilled Cheese sandwiches made by Chefs David and Becky. Amazing. Our kitchen is completely confused and doesn't know what the heck is happening. Burners are actually on and good smells are emanating! This can't be the Staggs place!

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