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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scooters and Speakeasies

Last weekend the weather here was stinkin' awesome, so Deacon and I took Fonzie out to Lee Harvey's, a local pub with lots of out-door seating. It just so happens that along with the BEST onion rings and Lone Star beers, we were treated to the annual running of the bikes: Mods Vs. Rockers event. Here are some of the coolest little antique motorbikes and scooters that paraded in front of us.

Also, a couple of weeks ago Deacon and I attended a "How to Host a Murder" costume party set in the 1920s. Deacon played the role of Eddie, the golfing, gambling playboy while I remained the quiet, suspicious moll, Silky. With Eddie fixing baseball games and me sneaking booze and broads in the back door of my brothel, we made quite a pair. My thanks to Scott and Crystal who orchestrated the whole shebang! We had a blast.

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jaykay said...

Jen, the pics are super. You are indeed the DIL of the decade.