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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photographic wizardry

So my friend Jenna introduced me to this really cool iPhone app. called Hipstamatic. It is a lens filter for the iphone camera that makes pictures look like they were taken with an old 1970s camera. For about three bucks you can get five or six different lenses, four or more different types of "film," and a couple of neat flash additives that cause flairs. The effects differ with whatever film or lens you select, but I really loved the grainy black and white effects as well as the jagged-edged prints. I know I could get these effects by slapping a filter on a digital image, but I loved trying it out and seeing the results in-camera immediately. I so wish I'd had this in New Orleans! Darn, guess I'll have to go back now.

Following are just a few of my first experiments. Most of this stuff is just junk I have lying around my house. The moods run from creepy (Yes, I have ouija boards in my kitchen, no I'm not cooking for ghosts, they just make cool tea trays) to artsy. I love vintage-toned styles and old, gnarled aesthetics- this is a perfect addition to my oeuvre!

This one looks like Fonzie's great-great grandfather. Or maybe a house that's haunted by a terribly chipper and up-beat corgi-ghost. Ooooooo. Scaaaaary.


Barbara Powell said...

Ok, ready for the ghost tour! Love your pics!

Jen said...

Thank you!! Let's go. I'm packed and ready!!